partners in art and partners in love. extremely creative, extremely wayward. no boundaries, no rules. they consider art as something everybody should be able to enjoy: whoever, wherever, whenever. you cannot corner them; they’re not to be pigeonholed. computer art, mosaic, glass, ceramics: they can use it all and you know they will. 
arno and iris are known for their unique view on the fine arts world and their ground breaking approach on implementing art outside of the existing conventions. they use their imagery that combines decorative, commercial and popular iconography in combination with art historical references. the rijksmuseum amsterdam bought their artwork ‘oud-west, thuis best’ and named it one of the most relevant Dutch artworks about contemporary society. more recent they completed their artwork ‘horn of plenty’ to be seen in the inner façade of the markthal rotterdam (nl). 


hans van bentem

chandeliers in the form of penises, skulls, pistols (among others for madonna) or a crystal canopy bed: you name it, hans made it. schooled at the koninklijke academie voor beeldende kunsten in the hague in the eighties, he developed in to an all-round artist with numerous expo’s and public pieces of art al over the world.

the rich visual vocabulary of his art is as much the result of the artist’s fascination with popular forms of culture like strip cartoons and science fiction as it is of his interest in our own european past and in exotic cultures. the latter is manifested, for example, in his use of materials and techniques: he draws on the centuries-old skills of craftsmen in china, the czech republic and senegal for the execution of his sculptures in porcelain,
glass and wood.